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[MARCH] Prayer Updates

Prayer Updates for The United States of America

  1. Please pray that North Korea would stop the production of nuclear weapons and agree to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Please pray also that through continuing relations with the United States, that North Korea would be directed towards liberty and development. As the 2019 North Korea –United States Hanoi Summit takes place in Vietnam (2/27/2019), please pray for significant development and progress in religious liberties, personal freedoms and protections, and economic development in North Korea as the Koreas continue in discussions of unifying the Korean peninsula.

  2. Let us pray that the United States would become a country that understands, protects, and places high value on life. We are currently living in a generation hat is boldly sinning, embracing extreme and radical abortion laws. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that babies might be aborted leading up to the final trimester of pregnancy, resulting in over 5 million deaths. We are now facing the blatant murder of newborn babies as state legislatures approve and consider the approval of legalizing abortions up to the point of birth. Please pray that God’s will would be done and that the sanctity of life would be protected.

  3. Please pray that the increasingly progressive sex and gender education materials and curriculums would be rejected by this nation’s public education system. Last February 19, parents across the nation participated in a “sit out,” keeping their children from attending classes, in protest to the proposed curriculum changes. Please pray for the overturning of these proposals and for the proper development and direction of the public education system.

  4. Please pray that the United States would return to rely upon the Word of God and that churches would be awakened to rise up in prayer. May the LORD send a strong revival so that the entire nation would return to the Father and His Word.

Prayer Topic Updates for JAMA

  1. We are currently preparing to host a gathering for the National Day of Prayer with various churches and Christian organizations on May 2 at the JAMA Global Campus. Please pray that many would participate and that this gathering would serve as a gateway to partnering with numerous intercessors so that we might be able to continue gathering on a monthly basis.

  2. By God’s grace, renovations across the JAMA Global Campus are now 3/4 complete. Please pray for the continuing and remaining renovations proposed for completion in 2019. In order to complete these projects, we have launched, “Rise & Build 2,” a fundraising campaign to gather funding. To date, we have raised $100,000.00 but still need more to reach the $970,000.00 goal. Please partner with JAMA and pray that the LORD would graciously fill the needs to completion.

  3. Alongside the JAMA Global Campus renovations, we ask for your prayers for various projects taking place on site (separate from JAMA Ministries). We are now conducting initial conversations to develop a small community of homes for missionary partners in network with the missions organization, Messengers of Mercy (MOM). Please pray for God’s continued wisdom and power as this project gains traction.

  4. Please pray for the Lord’s provision as preparations continue in taking the necessary steps to move forward with Lindale Kingdom College.

  5. Please pray for Dr. John C. Kim, Rev. Ezra SoonYoung Kang, and the entire JAMA Staff. May they be consistently filled by the Holy Spirit, act in wisdom and discernment, and be covered with good health.

  6. Please pray that the LORD’s hand would be upon the various gatherings taking place during the first half of 2019. Please pray also that God would send much needed, Godly, and faithful volunteers. 1. Global Leadership Development Institute [GLDI] (June 20 – August 4) Forty Days of Leadership Training to train and develop Spirit-filled, competent individuals. 2. College Prep: Radiant [CP:R] (July 15 – July 20) Five intense days of training and mentoring to equip High School graduates entering college, spiritually, academically, and relationally. 3. JAMA Intercessory Prayer Conference (May 29 – June 1) 4. Global Leadership Forum (Korean) (March 6 – March 9)

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