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can we experience Kingdom health and healing.

​오직 예수 그리스도를 통해서만

하나님 나라의 건강과 치유를 경험할 수 있습니다. 

사역의 목적

  • JHH의 지도와 교육과 훈련을 통해 개인과 가정 및 교회 공동체들로 하여금 병들고 상처입은 자들을 하나님 나라의 건간함 속에 들어와 살 수 있도록 가르치고 '상처입은 치유자 (Wounded healer)가 될 수 있도록 돕는다. 

  • 의료계 크리스천들이 JHH의 사명의식을 가지고 최첨담의 의료 기술로 각종 의료행위와 봉사에 임할 수 있도록 훈련한다.

  • ​교회로 하여금 진정한 의미의 예수 치유 공동체의 모습을 회복하게 하소 그래서 교회가 개인과 가정, 그리고 지역 사회에 총체적이고 전인적인 치료와 치유에 주도적 역할을 할 수 있도록 한다. 

JH&H ministry exists to:
  • Assist every Christian to become a wounded healer, who will help the sick and wounded to experience wellness in shalom.

  • Provide effective education and training about JH&H to individuals, families and churches, especially for Christian healthcare professionals. To support Christian healthcare professionals in attaining the best available medical skills that can be utilized in medical missions.

  • Serve the Church in becoming a healing community that plays a major role in holistic healing and healthcare to individuals, families and the local community.

Rev. Sung Ho Bae, M.D. is a full-time Board Certified Neurologist and Electroencephalographer. He is Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. He is also an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church and is Associate Pastor at Delaware Korean United

Methodist Church. He serves as Director of Jesus Health & Healing Ministry of JAMA. He has also been a partner faculty at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. As President of the Thorn in the Flesh Fellowship, Inc. (TIFF Ministry), he is actively involved

in holistic healing ministry. He has authored two non-medical Christian books entitled Brain Priming, Living Well with a Thorn in the Flesh, and Perfect Healing & Health.

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