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CP:R-College Prep: Radiant

Dates July 15 - 20, 2019 @ JAMA Global Campus

"It's easy to think that you can prepare for college during your last summer in ways other than faith and learning more about Jesus. However, CP:R was truly a blessing in my life. I thought that I was a good enough Christian, being complacent with my own personal status quo. But CP:R refined me, challenged me, and honestly, changed me. I still remember fondly all the memories I made with my fellow classmates, and I occasionally look back at the photos we took! That's how impactful CP:R was for me personally. I will forever thank God for placing me in the Inaugural class of CP:R 2016." -Daniel Hwang, CP:R '16, Rutgers University

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2024년 6월 27일 김춘근 교수를 위한 기도제목

사랑하고 존경하는 중보 기도 용사님들께 드립니다 그동안 하나님의 은혜와 은총 가운데 그리스도와 함께 귀한 시간 보내시며 생산적인 삶을 누리는 줄 믿습니다. 사실 그동안도 계속 심한 고통을 겪고 있었습니다. 제 암 의사가 최근에 나온 효과 있는 약을 지금까지 치료해온 약과 함께 복용하여 infusion 하면 더 큰 효과를 볼 수 있다고해서 치료를 받고 있는데


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