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[February] Prayer Updates

Prayer Updates for The United States of America

  1. Father, we pray that this generation would experience a deep revival and return to the foundations of Your Word. We ask that there would be a spiritual awakening, stirring the hearts of this generation to engage in studying the Gospel, embracing a posture of repentance. Lord, we ask for an outpouring of Your spiritual blessings upon the churches and missions organizations across this nation.

  2. We pray for the restoration of Bible Studies in the public education system. We thank You for Your provision upon states like Kentucky, which are now able to offer Bible Study as elective courses. According to a USA Today article dated January 23, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Virginia, and West Virginia have proposed to include Bible classes as course electives. Please pray for the approval of these legislations.Further, in 2017, 12 states are urging to emphasize the implementation of the phrase, “In God We Trust.” Six states have already approved this proposal and states including Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, & South Carolina are in line to follow.

  3. Please pray for the anticipated summit (either in February or March of 2019) between the United States and North Korea. Please pray for the maintaining of existing treaties and that North Korea will seek economic development while agreeing to denuclearization. Please pray also for the granting of religious liberties in North Korea – affording a foundation for a peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula. We must pray that North Korea will be open to discussion with the United States.

  4. Please pray that the current president will experience and submit to the wisdom and courage of the LORD. There are countless international and domestic concerns (relations with China, the proposed border wall along the southern border of the US and conflicts as a result thereof, Russian & Trump campaign misconduct, North Korea crisis, economic recovery for the US, etc.) that need God’s wisdom, grace, and protection to be resolved.

Prayer Topic Updates for JAMA

  1. JAMA Global declared January 23, 2019, a day of Consecration, purifying and dedicating ourselves, the campus buildings, and our future plans to the LORD. It was a powerful and moving time of surrendering ourselves, asking that His Kingdom come and His will be done in our lives and in this land. Leading up to this day of Consecration, the staff and its volunteers meditated upon Psalm 15 and Isaiah 59-62. On the day of, we interceded across the campus, dedicating this property to the LORD, asking that this become a, “Holy Ground” and be set apart for His glory.

  2. Renovations across the JAMA Global Campus are now 2/3 complete. Proposed renovations for 2019 are the completion of two remaining dormitory buildings, renovation of the existing gymnasium, and solar panel installations across campus. In order to complete these projects, we have launched, “Rise & Build 2,” a fundraising campaign to gather funding. Please partner with JAMA and pray that the LORD would graciously fill the needs to completion.

  3. JAMA hosted a Kick-Off Gathering of professors and professionals dedicated to strategizing and establishing Lindale Kingdom College, this past November 4-7, 2018. Please pray for the Lord’s provision as preparations continue in taking the necessary steps to move forward, including further development of the current campus.

  4. Please pray for the various programs taking place as JAMA launches into the 2019 ministry calendar. 1. Global Leadership Development Institute [GLDI] (June 20 – August 4) Forty Days of Leadership Training to train and develop Spirit-filled, competent individuals. 2. College Prep: Radiant [CP:R] (July 15 – July 20) Five intense days of training and mentoring to equip High School graduates entering college, spiritually, academically, and relationally. 3. JAMA Intercessory Prayer Conference (May 29 – June 1) 4. Global Leadership Forum (Korean) (March 6 – March 9)

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