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Prayer Updates for The United States of America

1. We submit our prayers before the LORD, seeking His wisdom and strength to resolve

the conflict between North and South Korea. Please pray for President Trump, the

administration, and all those involved – that their hearts would be moved to act

wisely, without war, while enabling discussions to take place, leading to positive

resolutions and unification of these countries.

2. Please pray that no further tragedies would occur as a result of gun violence. As we

seek a spiritual awakening, we pray that effective gun reform would be adopted

across this nation. We believe that a mighty move of God and a great revival will

alleviate future disasters and bring hope to campuses and students across America.

We ask that you would join together, as we pray for the students, families, and all

individuals affected by the recent school shooting in Florida, last February 14. May

those who were affected find the comfort and healing of the LORD.

3. Please pray that an effective immigration bill, including a bailout bill for those

(Dreamers) under DACA will soon be established by the agreement of both political

parties. May individuals who entered the US as minors be granted permanent

residency rather than living in fear of deportation or uncertain future legal statuses.

4. We pray that with the growing, “Me Too” movement, which started in the America, and

is now sweeping across the globe, would bring an end to the sins of sexual assault

and rape. May a great spiritual awakening sweep across the globe, like that of the, “Me

Too” movement, bringing incredible healing and restoration across the nations.

5. May America recognize the importance and value of life. As legislations for abortion

continue to be discussed throughout the nation, please pray that the Supreme

Court would establish laws and reforms to, once and for all, put an end to abortion,

end human trafficking, prompt effective gun control, stop drug abuse, prevent law

enforcement abuse, and help in all other concerns that affect the well-being of human


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2024년 6월 27일 김춘근 교수를 위한 기도제목

사랑하고 존경하는 중보 기도 용사님들께 드립니다 그동안 하나님의 은혜와 은총 가운데 그리스도와 함께 귀한 시간 보내시며 생산적인 삶을 누리는 줄 믿습니다. 사실 그동안도 계속 심한 고통을 겪고 있었습니다. 제 암 의사가 최근에 나온 효과 있는 약을 지금까지 치료해온 약과 함께 복용하여 infusion 하면 더 큰 효과를 볼 수 있다고해서 치료를 받고 있는데


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